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CHHR Examination Preparation Guide

The CHHR Examination Preparation Guide can help you prepare to for the Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR) exam.

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Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR): Business Knowledge

CHHR study course on Healthcare Business Knowledge

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ACHI Webinar Recording: Certified Health Education Specialists: A Valuable Resource in Hospitals' Community Health Work Force (Recorded on September 20, 2012)

This session will introduce the CertifiedTThis session will introduce the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credential

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Reducing Operational Costs Through Energy Efficiency: Tips, Best Practices, and Case Studies from ENERGY STAR hospitals

This monograph includes information, tips, and case studies to help health care facilities reduce energy use. Topics include procurement, benchmarking, new construction, funding of energy projects, and more.

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Futurescan 2019-2024: Health Care Trends and Implications (single copy print version)

Futurescan 2019-2024 highlights important trends that are transforming health care. Available late January 2019.

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Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR): Community Citizenship and Personal Leadership

CHHR preparation course on Community Citizenship and Personal Leadership

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Changing the Language in HR-Taking it Back to Basics

Have you ever wondering why we make it so difficult? Being in HR is definitely a privilege AND a challenge but we make it harder than it needs to be. By attending this session you will learn how to change the language in your organization as well as gain insight into the concept of a people experience road map that will shift your culture and bring the ''human'' back into Human Resources!

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Build the Right HR Business Partner Model for Your Organization

Many health systems are pursuing an HR business partner model—but changing the structure of HR isn’t enough to deliver meaningful value to the organization. The model will fail if business partners have the wrong scope, the wrong skillset or the wrong support around them. Join this session to learn how to avoid these pitfalls and establish an effective model.

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