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CHHR Examination Preparation Guide

This certification Examination Preparation Guide is to help you prepare to be Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR).

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Futurescan 2019-2024: Health Care Trends and Implications (single copy print version)

Futurescan 2019-2024 highlights important trends that are transforming health care. Available late January 2019.

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Gearing Up for Population Health: Marketing for Change (print version)

This new SHSMD guide highlights the important role marketers and communicators can play in advancing population health within their organizations, and helping patients and community members make positive health and lifestyle changes.

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AHE Staffing Methodologies and Standards for Healthcare Environmental Services Departments

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association has produced the first healthcare driven environmental services staffing standards in the industry.

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AONE Webinar Archive: Wellness and Self-Care

Teri Pipe, PhD Arizona State University’s Chief Well-Being Officer discusses the importance of wellness and self-care in nursing.

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ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook

The ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook addresses claims administration, the litigation system, best practices, reporting and data analysis.

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Best Sellers

Changing the Language in HR-Taking it Back to Basics

Have you ever wondering why we make it so difficult? Being in HR is definitely a privilege AND a challenge but we make it harder than it needs to be. By attending this session you will learn how to change the language in your organization as well as gain insight into the concept of a people experience road map that will shift your culture and bring the ''human'' back into Human Resources!

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Labor Relations Video Vignettes for Managers

In today’s labor environment, employers are more vulnerable to organizing activity and seek ways for their management team prepare to handle employee questions. 7 video vignettes modeling union organizing tactics.

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Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR): HR Delivery

CHHR study course on HR Delivery

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Nurse Staffing Ratio Program

This Nurse Staffing Ratio Program has been developed to assist hospital leaders with facilitating open and frank discussions about the facts related to effective nurse staffing and decision making.

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