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AHE Staffing Methodologies and Standards for Healthcare Environmental Services Departments

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association has produced the first healthcare driven environmental services staffing standards in the industry.

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Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors

Safe doors save lives. The Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors Handbook translates into layman’s terms the codes and requirements for door safety in today’s hospitals. Valuable information and tips for keeping doors in safe working condition are provided, including rules for maintaining swinging door assemblies and a readily accessible list of questions to ask when selecting door assemblies.

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ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook

The ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook addresses claims administration, the litigation system, best practices, reporting and data analysis.

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CMRP Examination Review Guide, Electronic Version (PDF)

Prepare for the CMRP examination with the review guide! This review guide is an update of the formerly known “Materials Management Review Guide CMRP Examination Review Guide Fifth Edition”.

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Constant Readiness 2nd Edition Recommended Practices for Joint Commission Standards

Volunteer Resource Professionals get responses to unanswered Joint Commission questions and more when reviewing the past, present, and future standards discussed in the 2nd Edition of Constant Readiness.

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ASHRM CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide

ASHRM’s CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide is organized according to the most current Certification Exam Content Outline.

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Healthcare Textile Services: Infection Control Manual

This publication acquaints managers with the basic infection control practices that are considered to be appropriate for a healthcare textile care services operation Catal

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AHE Environmental Services Week 2015 - Creating a Positive Work Environment

A toxic workplace can bog down productivity and impact communication and teamwork throughout the entire office. This webinar will empower employers to take control of their employee's behavior and work environment in a positive way. It will provide concrete options for dealing with people who are negative and determined to undermine a positive work environment. Invite the whole facility to participate! Not only will this webinar provide supervisors with strategies to manage negative workplace behavior, it will provide tips to all employees for holding themselves and others accountable for being a productive team member.

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AHE 2017 Environmental Services Week Webinar Series - High-Caliber Communication: Chart a Career by Choice Not Chance

Is career advancement on your agenda? Are you looking to be a more effective leader and team member? Would you like to take your communication skills to the next level of effectiveness? In this fast-paced, content rich on-line event, learn how: • Boost your communication effectiveness and drive results. • Leverage High Caliber Communication for Enhanced Leadership and Career Success. • Pump up personal and team productivity with high caliber communication.

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AHE June 2019 CHESP Study Group

This preparatory course is designed for professionals preparing for the comprehensive and challenging CHESP Certification Exam.

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