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Roadmap to Resiliency - Print Edition

This monograph provides new ways to safeguard emergency power in U.S. health care facilities using new technologies and innovative protocols.

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Scenario Planning for Hospitals and Health Systems

This guide to creating scenarios leads planners through the process of identifying important trends, bringing them together into a coherent picture, and creating the visions of possible futures that will lead organizations to action.

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SEP Admin Fee

Administrative fees for participation in the Summer Enrichment Program.

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Sprinkler System Support Analysis - Print Edition

The American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and Koffel Associates performed a study to investigate the hazards posed by non-sprinkler system components being supported by and/or touching sprinkler pipes.

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State of U.S. Health Care Facility Infrastructure - Print Edition

Many health care facilities need greater investment to improve the country's health care infrastructure. This monograph outlines the state of health care facilities and explores potential areas for investment.

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Succession Planning: Preparing for the Future of Your Facility and Your Career - Print Edition

Available Mid August 2017 This monograph shows health care facility managers how to conduct succession planning for their departments and shows individuals in all positions how to develop a path for personal career development.

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Supply Chain Vector: Linking Execution Of Global Business

Supply Chain Vector represents a unique combination of theory and front-line practice that creates clear links between supply chain tactics and financial performance.

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TeamSTEPPS Pocket Guide by AHA Team Training

This spiral bound handy pocket guide serves as a quick reference to TeamSTEPPS tools and principles. This item is sold in packages of 10.

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The Environment of Care and Health Care-Associated Infections: An Engineering Perspective - Print Edition

This monograph explores the role of the health care environment in infection control, provides information on common pathogens, and gives details on strategies to reduce health care-associated infections.

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The Facilities Manager's Guide to Health Care Project Management Planning, Design, Construction and More - Digital Edition

This handbook lays out the processes and flow of a health care project, including planning, design and construction. It takes a sequential approach to each topic, addressing planning first, then the various design phases, construction of the project, and the operations and management throughout the project and following.

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