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AHRMM eLearning Course: Essentials of Purchasing Certificate

This program has been updated to an interactive format that consists of four modules, with an exam after each module. In addition to essential and practical information, each module is full of applicable tips and tricks and tried and true advice from seasoned supply chain professionals. Upon successful completion of the four modules, you will receive a certificate in purchasing of healthcare supply chain management. Part 1: Purchasing Basics Part 2: Basics of Purchasing Law Part 3: Contracts and Contract Management Part 4: Purchasing Capital and Services

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AHRMM eLearning Course: Integrating Physician Leadership in Supply Chain Management

Learn best practices as you develop more accurate costing models and standardize processes for operations through the discovery of your organization’s needs. Choosing the right physician leader to contribute to a value-based, patient-centric supply chain program that will drive medical device and equipment purchases through collaborative, evidence-based reasoning.

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AHRMM eLearning Course: Master of Negotiations Certificate

Take your negotiation skills to the Master Level with techniques and best practices used by professional negotiators. Negotiation takes practice. But even more, it takes preparation…and lots of it. It’s been said that 90% of a negotiation is in the preparation, and without your facts and your team, all of the negotiation skills and leverage you think you have won’t matter at the end of a negotiation.

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AHRMM eLearning Course: The Process of Operationalizing Contracts to Support CQO

Achieve cost savings through operationalizing contracts and contract catalog deployment and management. Catalog management = contract compliance = cost savings.

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AHRMM eLearning Course: Value Analysis 101 - An Introduction to Value Analysis

An introduction to value analysis that will provide you with the "know how" to implement a value analysis program in your organization.

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AHRMM On-Demand Conference Session: Closing the Gap! What Can Healthcare Learn from Retail

This presentation will focus on three core areas that were identified by a panel of industry experts and supported by an industry wide survey as gaps between sectors.

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