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AHRMM eLearning Course: The Process of Operationalizing Contracts to Support CQO

Achieve cost savings through operationalizing contracts and contract catalog deployment and management. Catalog management = contract compliance = cost savings.

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AHRMM eLearning Course: Value Analysis 101 - An Introduction to Value Analysis

An introduction to value analysis that will provide you with the "know how" to implement a value analysis program in your organization.

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AHRMM On-Demand Conference Session: Closing the Gap! What Can Healthcare Learn from Retail

This presentation will focus on three core areas that were identified by a panel of industry experts and supported by an industry wide survey as gaps between sectors.

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AHRMM On-Demand Conference Session: Contract, Negotiations & Implementation Strategies for Purchased Services within a Single Facility or IDN’s

Contracting strategies, negotiation and centralized contract management processes can generate significant savings on one of the largest areas of spend. Purchased Services represents 20% of a facility's operating expenses, and is generally overlooked as an savings opportunity, even though it can generate rapid savings. Join the discussion as a team of Hospital Executives share the lessons learned, implementation experiences, and savings it brought their facilities, focusing on the non-traditional areas of spend.

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AHRMM On-Demand Conference Session: Day in the Life of CQO: Examples from the Field

Interactive panel of health care industry leaders sharing insights and experiences in creating a best practice supply chain that supports the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes within their institutions.

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AHRMM On-Demand Conference Session: From First Curve to Second: Hospital and Care Systems of the Future

As the healthcare segment of the economy transforms from a volume-based to a value-based market, HPOE has worked to detail actionable strategies and core competencies for hospitals to pursue to make this transition.

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AHRMM On-Demand Conference Session: Hospital Collaboration Pays Off Even for Implants

This session will focuses on the power of collaboration, resulting in documented savings in excess of $8M.

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