AONL Webinar OnDemand: Leadership Competencies for Health Care: I Have to Know What?!

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Nursing leaders are needed at all levels, in all settings. The workforce is aging and shortages in nursing faculty results in qualified nursing school candidates are turned away in record numbers. Shortages of qualified and willing nursing leaders means nearly 67,000 nursing leadership positions will remain unfilled by 2020.  Challenges exist in creating new leaders including selection, development, lack of focus on leader preparation, and an unrealistic number of leadership competencies. Hundreds of leader competencies are described in the literature with no agreement on what constitutes best practices. A metasummary of the literature has given us a place to start and conceptual frameworks exist through which this content can be delivered in a manner that supports the desired outcomes:  1. recognize healthcare is a business and the business of healthcare is caring   2. balance the science of business with the heart of caring, never sacrificing that which defines nursing  Transformational leadership requires leaders have the vision to “take people where they don’t want to go but ought to be” – this includes providing growth and development opportunities for all nurses. Responding to the IOM call to action is only possible through transforming this vision into reality.