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AONL Online Competencies - Individual 180 Assessment

Engage a trusted colleague to provide input on your strengths and areas of improvement.

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AONL Online Competencies - Self Assessment

Evaluate your skills and discover opportunities to grow as a nurse leader.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Conference Session: A Vision for the Future: Nursing and HR

This conference presentation will discuss how nurses and human resources can work together to create a strong workforce for the future.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Conference Session: Leading with Generational Diversity in Mind: How to Capture the Hearts and Minds of All Generations

Millennials are (or will be) the largest percent of the health care workforce, yet hospitals across the country are reporting heightened turnover among this cohort.

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Glossary of Healthcare Terms for Environmental Services, 2nd Edition - eBook Format

This eBook explains terms, concepts and ideas related to healthcare EVS. The new content will provide useful information to those new to EVS as well as those with many years of experience.

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New Ways of Working in Hospitals

This guide and resource compendium on CD-ROM offer hospitals a rich 10-step workforce change process for improving patient care delivery by focusing on work and role design changes. Item No. 210109

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