Upcoming Events

AONL Customer Connections Webinar: Testing AMS Topclass Integration

Date: May 01, 2019 - Jul 01, 2019
Description: This webinar is to test just what in the heck is going on with AMS/Topclass. Fingers crossed this works.

AONL ENLI - Omaha- June 10-12, 2019

Date: May 01, 2019 - Jul 15, 2019
Description: The Emerging Nurse Leader Institute prepares staff nurses, charge nurses and nurse coordinators to be the leaders of tomorrow.

AONL Webinar: Pink Hair and Tattoos

Date: May 21, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019
Description: LIVE WEBINAR: May 22, 2019 This presentation details the story of one large academic health system’s realization that it was not keeping up with the times and outlines the journey led by nursing and human resource partners to move the organization from being rules-driven to culture-driven.