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CMRP Examination Review Guide, Electronic Version (PDF)

Product Code: P142235
Author: AHRMM
ISBN: 978-1-55648-445-2

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Also available in print format, item 142235
Review materials for the Certified Materials & Resource Management (CMRP) Examination include the CMRP Examination Review Guide. This PDF publication provides an overview of the each content area tested in the CMRP Examination, including:
  • Procurement and Product Value Analysis
  • Inventory and Distribution Management
  • Information Systems and Data Management
  • Finance
  • Strategic Planning,  Leadership and Compliance

AHRMM recommends that review for the Certified Resource & Materials Professional (CMRP) examination focus on references and programs that cover information included in the CMRP examination content outline.

Preparation using this review manual or the online version of this review guide does not guarantee a passing score on the CMRP certification exam. Using this review guide is just one of many ways in which a candidate can prepare for the exam, and it is strongly suggested that the candidate review several resources.

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member: $80.00
non-member: $110.00

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