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Many volunteer organizations have enough trouble just getting their message out – via newsletter articles, a media or corporate website mention, a management leadership presentation, or a presentation to community partners. And, most volunteer organizations don’t have benchmarking data available to help support their story and/or areas of need. This program shows attendees how to gather benchmarking data to add impact to their message and/or add weight to their requests for additional support – based on benchmark data from similar organizations, and how to integrate this data into financially-focused and performance-based management reports / presentations.
This session will show participants how to:
•Identify key benchmarking data that showcases a volunteer organization’s
value; and comparative strength against other volunteer organizations.
•Identify ways to create value-based volunteer services’ messages that get
delivered to top management throughout the year and in many different
communication resources.
•Use information gathering documents to collect and evaluate benchmarking data,
and how to use financial management “equations” to create new reports and
presentations to target audiences (internal management and external strategic partners).