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Leaders make things happen. Influential leaders go a step further by making a positive difference in organizations and in the lives of people who both serve and are served by the organization. Influential leaders perform at a higher level, are more productive, and achieve greater results than other leaders with similar circumstances and resources.

Influential Leadership reveals how successful and effective leaders are driven by a set of behaviors that enables them to become role models for followers, guide operational improvements, and sustain excellence.

Influential Leadership explains critical concepts to achieve organizational excellence and inspire better performance through influential leadership. The book's focus is on behavior (rather than technical skills) and on doing (in addition to knowing) which sets it apart from other leadership titles. The book helps readers see how their behaviors affect (negatively or positively) the outcome of their work, the lives of those around them, and the overall performance of their organization. It illustrates how the ability to become an influential leader is directly proportional to the ability to manage behavior and the way it affects others.

Influential Leadership reveals...

  • how good people skills—trust and accountability, not processes—can strengthen or weaken the organization's pursuit of performance excellence.
  • how to engage staff who are disconnected from their leaders and emotionally disconnected from their work and its accomplishment.
  • how to recognize and correct situations where negative behavior such as low employee morale leads to work disengagement, mistrust and poor performance.
  • how leaders and staff will change their behavior when they understand how it affects the outcome of their work, the lives of those around them and the organization's performance.
  • how self-aware, influential leaders are in a better position to collaborate and connect with others and to lead the organization to success.

Reader Endorsements:
"...provides leaders and managers with effective and practical ways to understand how personal behavioral change can drive successful organizational change....a must for everyone entering into a leadership position, from the front-line manager to the CEO."
— Philip K. Beauchamp, LFACHE, president/CEO (ret.), Morton Plant Mease Healthcare, Inc., Clearwater, FL
"Chock-full of examples and self-assessment tools....powerful takeaways from each section form an agenda for leading transformational change."
—Laura Avakian, leadership consultant, Hull, MA; past president of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration; and author of Helping Physicians Become Great Managers and Leaders
"...gets right to the heart of what sets apart truly great leaders, and is a road map for the journey."
—Lynn B. Wythe, RN, MSN, CNOR, director of nursing, Palmetto Health Baptist, Columbia, SC
"...Illuminates the core attributes of high performers and successful organizations. Leaders aspiring to advance their skills would be wise to add this to their shelves."
—Eric C. Murdock, RN, MSN, CNOR, director, surgical services, Palmetto Health Richland, Columbia, SC
"...not only can one read about ways to elevate his/her own personal leadership, but one can assess his/her own skills and abilities along the way. This affords the reader methods for taking his/her performance to the next level."
—Richard W. Grooms Jr., SPHR, vice president, human resources and operations, Providence Hospitals, Columbia, SC
"...An insightful and valuable read for anyone in a leadership role from CEOs to front-line providers. us guiding principles to make us all better leaders in our professional and personal lives."
—William R. Berry, MD, MPH, FACS, Research Associate, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
"...An absolute must-read for anyone striving to improve their leadership skills and abilities."
—Terrie Carlton, RN-BC, BSN, NHA, vice president/CNO, Tuomey Healthcare System, Sumter, SC

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About the Author
Introduction to Influential Leadership

Part I What Is Self-Awareness?
Chapter 1 Self-Awareness: The Basic Competency of the Influential Leader
Chapter 2 The Volitional and Mental Dimensions
Chapter 3 The Emotional Dimension

Part II What Is Collaboration?
Chapter 4 Collaboration: The Duty of the Influential Leader
Chapter 5 Trust: The Heart of Collaboration
Chapter 6 Accountability: The Soul of Collaboration

Part III What Is Connection?
Chapter 7 Connection: The Strategy of the Influential Leader
Chapter 8 Leadership Behaviors That Limit Connection

224 pages, softcover, 6" x 9"