Hospital Mergers: Why They Work, Why They Don't

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Author: Larry Scanlan
ISBN 13: 978-1-55648-375-2

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Hospital Mergers identifies the core lessons and practical ideas learned from dozens of real-world merger experiences and applies them to the strategic and operational challenges facing senior executives and governing board members. It provides empirical and instructive insights on the factors and outcomes of mergers characterized by a change of management control, a legal merger, an acquisition, a joint operating agreement, a long-term lease, or a comprehensive joint venture.

Filled with case studies, stories, and conclusions based on a 15-year-long longitudinal analysis of mergers and reveals details on the immediate and longer term post-merger outcomes. It helps readers understand the reasons why the results were successful or not and presents an empirical roadmap of the many decisions involved in a merger from early strategic discussions to successful conclusion.

Hospital Mergers will help hospital executives and boards identify the questions and understandings behind a merger strategy that are essential for consensus among management, the board and other constituents, such as physicians, employees, and the community. It can help readers navigate “deal breaker” leadership issues, like who will be the new CEO, who will sit on the new board, and who will be on the new senior management team and addresses a “soft” component of mergers such as organizational culture.

188 pages, 6" X 9"