AHRMM eLearning Course: CMRP Inventory and Distribution Management

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Review materials for the Certified Materials & Resource Management (CMRP) Examination include the CMRP eLearning Course. This module of the course covers the Inventory and Distribution Management portion of the exam. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe various types of inventory 
  • Explain inventory valuation and methods
  • Describe inventory turns, impact factors and turns by department
  • Examine ways to ensure enough supplies are on-hand without using excess cash and human resources, including reorder point, reorder quantity, and min/max
  • Discuss different methods of inventory control and inventory positioning strategies
  • Identify supply distribution functions and three receiving methods
  • Identify best practices of effective receiving and documentation
  • Describe internal and external distribution and system considerations, including automation and logistics best practices
  • Describe methods to return, recall, or exchange inventory