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Labor Relations Video Vignettes for Managers
Description: 3-5 minute videos case studies modeling key communication skills around unions and union organizing tactics.
7 Video Scenarios include:
  1. Having a discussion with employees about unions
  2. Dealing with union mailers regarding educational conferences
  3. Talking to employees about Union Authorization Card Signing
  4. Addressing employees who have been invited to union meetings
  5. How to handle a union organizer on premises
  6. What to do when you find union flyers in break rooms
  7. How to discuss union mailers and home visits.

The complete training kit includes:

  • Facilitator guide (including overview for all 7 video vignettes), 2 facilitation agenda options, suggested scripts (including key messages and talking points)
  • Participant materials include handout and participant evaluation form
  • 1 write-protected DVD per video vignette.
For more information, click here to download a PDF of the full product description.
  1. It's The Only Way We'll Get A Say (4:33 minutes)
    A manager overhears two employees talking about how a union could make things better in the workplace.
  2. I Got This In The Mail (3:10 minutes)
    Employees report having received union home mailers for educational conferences.
  3. It's Just A Card, Right? (2:43 minutes)
    An employee tells his manager he's been asked to sign a union authorization card.
  4. Come On Out to the Meeting (3:35 minutes)
    An employee tells his manager he's going to a union meeting.
  5. And, You Are? (3:18 minutes)
    A manager who sees someone in her department that she does not recognize.
  6. Public Display (2:18 minutes)
    A manager finds a stack of union flyers in the break room.
  7. Who Gave Them My Address? (3:32 minutes)
    Employees ask their manager how the union got their home addresses and phone numbers.