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This 2-part webinar package explores the compelling rationale to position philanthropy as a strategic revenue source and the powerful impact of board and CEO involvement. You’ll learn about opportunities to align philanthropy with not just mission, but individual purpose and natural leadership strengths.  And examine the common-but-deadly barriers to meaningful board and executive involvement.  
Topic #1:  Trustees Make An Outsize Impact in Advancing Charitable Giving as a Core Revenue Source
Trustee engagement in advancing philanthropy provides a key performance advantage.  Trustees are uniquely positioned to unleash support for fund development within the organization and to forge strong connections with advocates within the community.  This session demonstrates why trustee influence is essential to raising more money.  Discover the collective and individual roles of Governing and Foundation board leaders in advancing philanthropy and explore the unique personal influence only boards can deliver.   Leaders will gain the knowledge and tools to ignite a vibrant conversation about how they can get meaningfully and successfully involved to position philanthropy as a core revenue source.

Topic #2:  Trustee Leadership is Essential to Build a Culture to Support High Performance Philanthropy  
Many progressive organizations have embraced philanthropy—also known as community charitable giving—as a core revenue resource.  However, many boards still want to know the secrets to increasing the impact of philanthropy on their organizations.  This webinar recording examines the essential cultural levers that are key to building an organizational culture to support high performance fund development.  Explore the three critical elements of fostering strategic alignment, facilitating financial investment in fund development, and crafting a compelling case for support.
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