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AHRMM Disaster Preparedness Manual AHRMM Disaster Preparedness Manual
Provides supply chain professionals with an overview of the specific value and leadership roles they can play in planning, mitigation, response, and recovery phases of the healthcare sector’s disaster preparedness.

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AHRMM eLearning Course: Essentials of Healthcare Supply Chain Series AHRMM eLearning Course: Essentials of Healthcare Supply Chain Series
Four updated online programs designed to teach all aspects of the responsibilities in the following disciplines of the healthcare supply chain. The course content is broken down into the four categories below: • Essentials of Purchasing • Essentials of Inventory Control • Essentials of Negotiations • Essentials of Logistics Whether you are entering the field, climbing the career ladder, or simply want to learn more about various disciplines within the healthcare supply chain profession, this course is designed for you to obtain the key tools to succeed in your field. By the end of each program, you will be equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the responsibilities related to that discipline. Each program consists of four modules, with an exam after each. In addition to essential and practical information, each module is full of applicable tips and tricks and tried and true advice from seasoned supply chain professionals. This course has been updated to a 2.0 interactive format. Upon successful completion of the four modules, you will receive a certificate for continuing professional education in that area of healthcare supply chain management.

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