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ASHRM/Aon 2015-2016 Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Report

Each year ASHRM and Aon partner to deliver a benchmarking analysis of medical professional liability costs.  This year’s study marks the 16th annual report and incorporates data from more than 100 participating health care systems.
The goal of our annual study is to provide health care systems with a business intelligence tool for better estimating and understanding self-insured medical malpractice costs.
Note: Orders will ship week of Nov. 16, 2015.
The 2015 report examines several trends from useful vantage points, including:

Cause of Loss Statistics
This benchmark study details average claim severity and frequency by cause of loss, including:
   ·   Listings of the top 10 most severe and most frequent causes of medical malpractice claims,
   ·  A deeper dive into causes of loss underlying the high severity of birth related claims.

Insurance Buying Practices
Participants in the benchmark study completed a survey indicating how they coordinate commercial insurance with their self-insurance programs.  Survey results presented in the report include: 
   ·   Attachment points and total insurance limits for small and large organizations,
   ·   Use of self-insurance for coverage of employed physicians.

New Service Line Statistics
This benchmark study provides benchmark frequency and severity measures for four specific hospital departments.  The report includes specific benchmarks for: 
   ·   Obstetrics Departments,
   ·    Emergency Departments,
   ·    Behavioral Health Units,
   ·    Rehabilitation Units.

Claim frequency and severity benchmarks by state
Statistical information specific to 26 states as well as the District of Columbia is analyzed, providing state-specific benchmarks for: 
   ·   The frequency and severity of claims within these states,
   ·   The average indemnity payments and expenses for claims recently closed within the states.  

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